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You, with your possessiveness on Red Bull, and extreme pangs of jealousy, shipwrecking your faith, and wanting everyone else to drown in the ditch you’re in, rolling and rolling, squealing and squealing, like a pig, with a despairing mind, unable to remember, recollect or hell, even reduce thought to common sense, your personality of a […]

For Alisha

Walking past these headstones, in this churchyard, I kneel, look back at the little Presbyterian prayer hall you used to frequent, pristine white, with blue-cushioned pews, its simple beige altar, grey steeple, little cross, and a miasma of nostalgia seems rise from the architecture, slowly creeping towards me, the twilight complementing it. I read your […]


So, send him Ginsberg store dudes and some money He’s in a bar, with his high tenor and prose-lullaby He’s just a hipster in a Kevin Spacey actuality He does not know of Hagel bettering faith with philosophy Or Soren’s fatalism prior to that abstract see So, send him Ginsberg store dudes and some money […]