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For Alisha

Walking past these headstones, in this churchyard, I kneel, look back at the little Presbyterian prayer hall you used to frequent, pristine white, with blue-cushioned pews, its simple beige altar, grey steeple, little cross, and a miasma of nostalgia seems rise from the architecture, slowly creeping towards me, the twilight complementing it. I read your […]


So, send him Ginsberg store dudes and some money He’s in a bar, with his high tenor and prose-lullaby He’s just a hipster in a Kevin Spacey actuality He does not know of Hagel bettering faith with philosophy Or Soren’s fatalism prior to that abstract see So, send him Ginsberg store dudes and some money […]


I could speak a few lines so very poetic, almost like a chorus, the stress and unstressed syllables, like crotchets and minims, and keep you suspended in a reaction, irreversible, one-dimensional, archetypal, a little old-fashioned, but I’ll rather let those letters curve down the arch of your back like hookah smoke, slowly cascading, melting skin, […]