Men of Steel

They call me Superman; some call me Clark
These trailers don’t reveal me; you say, why?
There is a reason—hinting at dark truth
I’m not who you’ll expect—no red and blue.

Bruce says unite—together fight as one
But he does not get that he’s flesh and bone
A man who simulates a masked black god
He hopes and wars, but lacks that proper grasp
He reasons that his drive and nurture made
A tattered mask that strangely just reveals
A faulty nature that was never white.

Flash races into a bleak future but
Rejects that all that captures is a price
For freedom that denies its quiddity.

Prince throws that lasso of truth but can’t see
That mortal fact restricts and can’t stay true
Forever; it’s ironic that tool’s name!

The Aquaman needs water; he returns
He can’t live with uncertainty because
He knows he’s weak, but that’s a lesser flaw—

Look into Victor—viruses corrupt
But it’s unsound men who made the machines.

I did love Lois, but she believes in us
She did accept me till I told her Truth
Then shaky she turned; they took her from me
And so I worked with Lex and killed them all—
The bad first, later all those ‘just’ and ‘good’
And finally, humanity’s big fault.

We hid the Kryptonite and staged it all—
The Parademons and a specious quest
And then I killed Lex since I’m not a god
He always hated dad’s control and reign
Which proved that he was more a god than I.

But I spared Bruce and showed him my green tear
And in his zeal, he killed me; he’ll rebuild!

But they won’t go this far; they love their fans!
The Jedi who’re grey might just have new hope!

(Inspired by the Superman arc of the current DC movies)

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2017)

Protected by Copyscape

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