When I met you, looked deep into those black-velvety eyes, I knew I found my muse, a Blue jay: ashen, muted grief, steel-blue quietude, and a mosaic brilliance concealed except when you glided with your poetry, the Cherry Blossom tunnel I walked through all those years, stooped, no longer seemed dreary, and as I read […]


When I wake up, something in the stuffy air, hates it, whispers, “Rest for a while,” but then becomes a maelström of chaotic motes as I walk, and I have to trudge, and then pick up pace, and finally run, I know I don’t do this alone, and I don’t know what the future holds, […]


Sitting next to you, you tell me how you feel, and I don’t respond, I often think if you think I’m hard, but I let doubt dissipate slowly, because I’ve seen a depth, uncanny, unyielding, unfettered that few women like you possess, I know you know that if I replied nonchalantly, then we’d be twenty-two […]


When you sent me that mail, asking me to help you write better, I was still trapped in an antechamber of naïvety, the false gold of youth burning from the chandelier, making me see things in color, I should have never responded and let silence dismay, discomfit your little head, and make it think, but […]


Tell me, why now? Have those comic-strip dreams turned into grainy monochrome? Does the Black Dahlia look like an assortment of blood-stained shanks? I saw the message, and the call, but I didn’t answer, and I have my reasons. Did you really think that you could hide your scars, wearing that white top and black […]


There is something between each mote of dust, suspended in the light of the bulb that I switch on: elementally flawed, fundamentally twisted, fanatically fucked, and so, I walked out to no serenade of songbirds, and walked to the old coffee shop, later a café, and now an outdoor restaurant, and saw her, smoking that […]


I’d like to know each quaver of masked feeling that lilts past you, as you sit there composing those measures, with the cadence of grace flowing through each iota of you, quickly flaring: creating an allegro of swift longing for beauty that eludes; but you’re still hoping though muses fade, and then left with soft […]