Perhaps I walked once on that tarmac pier
the south of Boston since I called it home
and still received the regular foul sneer
but then my slang told them we’re monochrome
just brothers, the established bleeding red
the acid does not hiss, the moon stills me
with her soft cadence, I sleep on my bed
hey, I’m no insect with lodged fruit! Let be!
But say it’s home because of ‘good’ degree
and I’m displaced and wanted some pure thought —
the lawn’s undoubtedly close-cropped, I see!
But even the path has close-cropped gross snot!
Perhaps I walked once on that tarmac pier
and bleeding red, sand-nigger die! I hear.


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  1. I’ve spent years in the science/medical field…. so my brain is only slowly being rewired to appreciate creativity and composition such as this. I have to sit still and read without distraction, but I persist because I know… this is marvellous stuff!

    1. Yeah science/medicine urges you to think differently. I did do a masters in psychology once. The problem with my assignments was that they were too lyrical! Thank you Diana.

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