Here’s wishing you a happy and tragic pre-and-post New Year’s Day

Dearly beloved, We are gathered here to mourn this showy pretense we call a ‘New Year’, or ‘2018’, and celebrate with false euphoria, only seemingly increasing dopamine levels, exchanging ‘hugs’ or ‘hearts’ or ‘cuddles’ or ‘emoticons’ or ‘virtual E-Cards’ or ‘Hallmark Cards,’ the last, if you’re old-fashioned for a day, and decide that it’s worth […]

India (An opinion)

i feel like an anachronistic, anomaly trapped in your cultural complications, complexities, apartheid of a deeper tone: casteism, classification, a maelström of labels, tearing down the creaky gate of the chapel, the shrine of offerings, the emerald palace, and individuality sacrificed for a superficial semblance of collectivism, and I won’t deny, that some gatherings with […]


I often think of time, its paradoxes, non-linearly, when I think of you, broken, fractured into shards, before you evolved, and then chastised, castigated, criminally misunderstood when your mistakes taught you, they say, you get what you deserve, but I ask if you deserve what you get, I ask if that pain inflicted, when you’re […]


When I last met sister, her reality was a Kafkaesque, disjointed, dysfunctional, nightmare that gave me no respite, rest, recess, I wanted to let her pain sink in, empathize, or at least sympathize, she lay on a park bench, muttering, stuttering, stammering, falling short, “I’m…just…a…fucking…w..aste of,” she said Prozac ridden, her hazy eyes, speaking […]

More than words

I need you to look for the deeper semantic, beneath the minty sapphire peaks, layered and layered in a soft mist, only hinting at you, because even nature’s screen, that cascades gently is palpable, but you’re (im)palpable, and I say that because you’re heard, felt even when you’re unheard, unfelt, and words spoken on a […]

Sonnet #4

This sonnet is about you, you, and just (you) you: (deeper) than externally-existent though you sit cross-legged in that top and jean (blue) (you) since you’ve taken over what’s resistant and speckled it with all that you said today and (you‘re) here, both now, after, and forever, your silence (speaks) abating screams in your way […]

Sonnet #2

I often wonder what I must do knowing as fingers rap-rap or tip-tap against (clo/cks) that no fix might mend, but…but this exposing of spikes that only smell like sugary rocks is tough, unnerving, hard, unyielding, broken of course, my mind sees more when I look at her but yes, my heart sees less to […]

A portrait

Well, I’ve known him from school and I’ll admit that he was natural. He did win a writing competition besting me with the sharpest prose. But later, he quit writing altogether and took to another field that never suited him. A field filled with theocratic therapists and pseudo-scientists trying to decipher cryptogenic minds with cryptic […]

Danse macabre

So you’re here at last, though I’ll admit I was expecting something a little more extravagant. I mean the clichéd black cowl, robe and skull face are things we’ve pulled from the screen don’t you think? Or maybe I’m wrong. Great, so, you’re mute too. I guess we can’t distinguish fact from reality in this […]