The choices we make

looking at this insentient sky, a scrimshaw of crusty waves
(I know my pastel sky is you) i wonder what
indecision hastened my choice (and I regret leaving you
without choice) time with its flick knives of guilt
and accusation severs veins of truth (but I know
time and truth ended with you) i drift through many
streets finding home (and I long for that one street
which will lead me home to you) purpose is fragile as
hope dulls (I know now that our fragility gave us
purpose and hope) and so, i leave this here (and you’ll
find me here)

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2017)

Protected by Copyscape

8 responses

  1. “A scrimshaw of crusty waves” is the type of line that catapults me to childhood with memories of yellowed whale bone art behind glass. Your writing is not landlocked and I float along.

    • I was hoping it won’t be landlocked. I guess you already know how to interpret it. Read the lines within the parenthesis separately and the rest separately. The i outside represents being alone, and the I inside represents togetherness. Some other man who carried someone’s heart in his did this a lot!

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