Sonnet #1

I often feel like calling you, post-eve
but then we’ll teeter like we did then, post-
romance, long talk, light and dark, stitching sleeves
of drawn agenda, hate, love, a guest; host

I guess it’s better than war, (faking) peace
but didn’t I do my sweet vendetta too?
They did, I did, we did, enough! Stop, cease!
It’s time to stitch a cloth of hue anew

I’m moving for a while, near you, you know
and something flashed now, and I write these lines
you never-ever saw these stereotypes
and so I’ll row, and think (or not) but throw
away these sillier-than-silly mines
of verse, I never liked the big screen hype

because that does force, or push imitation
of life that’s more than heart (break) simulation
I think I’ll call without words that dismember
but I was foolish to delete your number!

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2017)

Protected by Copyscape

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