Sonnet #3 (Binary)

It is en(coded) often 0-1
a binary thought (or not) don’t tell me!
Because I want out, so just make me see
beyond this mace, it weighs a bloody ton!

Sure you don’t have those Bette Davis Eyes
but that brown swirl is just as fetchingly (fair)
and that alluringly-attractive-soft hair
without desirably-deceiving lies

that say heart and light, but mean (break and night)
may-might, or wont-will find me in these spaces
I’ve stitched together with my grief and fault
but you and I will have to use (in)sight
to rip apart or pick-peck all those traces
that hinder us and find relief, (new) thought

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2017)

Protected by Copyscape

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