Sonnet #4

This sonnet is about you, you, and just (you)
you: (deeper) than externally-existent
though you sit cross-legged in that top and jean (blue)
(you) since you’ve taken over what’s resistant

and speckled it with all that you said today
and (you‘re) here, both now, after, and forever,
your silence (speaks) abating screams in your way
and you’ve cut through all that said never-ever

and there is no perhaps but a must, a will
to reach beyond w-o-r-d-s, written and within
to find, to know, to feel, and stay (loved) loving
both you and (you) and there’s no staying just still
because you stay (here) and (you) were the pin
this dartingly-direct heart needed knowing

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2017)

Protected by Copyscape

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