India (An opinion)

i feel like an anachronistic,
anomaly trapped in
your cultural complications,
apartheid of a deeper tone:
casteism, classification,
a maelström of labels,
tearing down the creaky
gate of the chapel, the shrine
of offerings, the emerald palace,
and individuality sacrificed
for a superficial semblance of
collectivism, and I won’t deny,
that some gatherings
with choirs, carols, chimes
seemingly invigorated me
until I realized that it’s (Hyper?)
fundamentalism instigating,
unsettling, unnerving,
spewed using a Pharisaic
hypocrisy, but it’s the same…
the same…everywhere, everyday,
“Oh, he has a beard! He’s dangerous!”
Or, “Oh, so you’re divorced,” said
slyly with a lopsided repugnance, or,
“Remove your slippers please,” said
with a plastic smile, teeth like fucking
Chiclets, struggling, but betraying
that you’re beneath their dignity,
and now blood, while puppets,
charlatans dangling on
strings of political injustice,
the hounds from hell
without a leash
bark, bite, chew, chomp
no, I’m not from the West,
I’ve never been there,
I’m brown-skinned to the bone,
and I haven’t said it
directly because of
the other camp that pitches it tent
with crude sticks, and a saffron
too bright, checking if I smoke five…
ten…twenty cigarettes…
a little too conservatively,
and what of my poetic influences:
holding Olds’ eroticism and Pamuk’s
ode to Turkey together, a contrast,
a juxtaposition, in the same mind which
isn’t a matrix, but uncanny
what of the love I make to an older woman?
the neo-classical
shredding without a sitar I like?
and Snarky Puppy that’s playing
now, as I write these lines, odd-time,
no 4/4, free flow, rhyme with
no structured beat?
what of it? Some understand,
but most need a one-dimensional
(thought) dissection, which is
why I sometimes take my vacation,
because the peaks don’t speak,
squeak, seek and definitely
don’t sneak.

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2017)

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13 responses

  1. What an exceptional piece!
    In my opinion, Nitin, this is what we call BRILLIANT poetry.

    Thank you so much for enriching my morning with this hard-hitting and authentic post of yours, which is bound to entice thought.

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