A.S. I love you

I’m the man in the iron cage, the pilgrim with an unrepentant, unyielding heart, the prophet who has regressed into a poet with anguish breaking through bone, and then skin, the tendrils tying my tongue, muting my real howl and creating a soft shriek which they consider beautiful. I’m the Kierkegaardian stereotype, a freak tortured […]

Knowing you

We wake, you and I, and just a thought of your now no longer jaded eyes, loosens metaphors, inching their way to the tip of my tongue, falling slowly like the purple flowers of a Wisteria, a soft cadence, and yes, morning has broken, a light haze creeps through the gently parted beige curtains, but […]

Dieu est mort

  If God exists then he’s unmitigated wrath or silence unseen, unheard, while fractured, twisted finitude laments its bondage, or gives in to violence amenable yet bellicose, quiet yet untrained: the tune, lewd played by the pauper, piper – the poet, tiger both a haunting shriek that seeks to slay, eviscerate skin and will not […]


As she sits on the veranda, the chirping of the crickets, the cool breeze complementing the fragrance of the flowers in the garden, don’t usher in eventide, no, she waits at the end of her make-believe aisle, waiting for his roses, as red as the bruises and welts on her skin, hoping they’ll mean something […]


My father hailed a cab yesterday, and made the driver go in circles, unable to find home, his memories are just blurred reflections of recollections, and strength of will eludes him, they talk of karma in this age, using aphorisms, both spoken and written, and maybe they should write a Postmodern Indian Proverbs with verses […]