A liturgical sonnet

We thought the cantor, sang a little dull
and sister said, “She’s weak, wont make a nun!”
and so her license we thought we’d annul
but the diocesan said, “Hush! Shoo! Run!”

“Her celibate tune is not a delict!”
but those uncanny vespers were no vow
such primal screams oft did our ears afflict
the curia didn’t listen, said, “Oh, Wow!”

so we held special sacraments; we hoped they’d see!
but she did some unreal pope-a-dope!
those cassocks she removed with just her voice
perhaps more, but that false lull now doesn’t let us be!
and we die managed! Can’t think, watch or cope!
and her hands hold our fate, there is no choice!

if only we’d defrocked that phony beau idéal
we won’t be in this mess, so piercingly surreal!

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

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4 responses

    • It’s only satire. I was targeting many things including hypocrisy, and people who are victimised because of that, and idealism. But it’s really subject to interpretation.

    • Haha. I studied in a Protestant School, and so, I guess, it was a little more relaxed. Your comment reminds me of a song by Death Cab for Cutie called “I will follow you into the dark.” There is a line about Catholic School in the song. I won’t spoil it for you. Listen when you’re free if you haven’t already.

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