Getting a life

Nowadays, people have nothing better
to do with their lives, since they cannot
listen to the songbird chirping, or
the aubade of the cricket, signaling
the coming of dusk, hence, they give
into online trolling and stalking,
making what’s private, public,
bending stories, copying and pasting
messages without their replies, which
are worse, and calling for a
hearse with delight glimmering
in their eyes, weak with all their
suffering that is created by drama or
theatrics, everyone is self-medicated
because of inane circumstances
like relationships, or parched lips,
never kissed because they’re tobacco
stained, and pained by
fault-finding, and this binding
or collectiveness of online treacherousness,
creates a sickening pseudo-sympathy,
of, “I understand”, or, “Yes dear”, which
lasts only if people never get a grip,
and continue in their slip:
weeping, crying, bleeding, seething,
self-harming, and everyone wants
someone to ease their pain, and say,
“Here I am, yours to gain,” as long
as there’s denying
responsibility, never saying, “I’m wrong too,”
because that requires a little humility,
and in the world of self-proclaimed
poetic gods or goddesses, such a thing
has no grounding in reality, because
everything happens on a screen,
and even reading and studying
is killed off by short attention spans
or spams, and so, I’ve decided, as the
dynamics of my life shift, to live
never for art’s sake, but for the thrill
of experience that is substantial,
and will profit me, more than pictures
on Instagram or Facebook that are
just frozen moments with frozen smiles.

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

Protected by Copyscape

9 responses

  1. Couldn’t agree more! Thanks for this eye-opening post. If it’s not an issue, may I re-blog it? Asking this coz I’ve never done it before.

  2. I love this. So very true. Personally, I’m not much of an social media person. I have no idea what sport is being played or much of what’s going on in the news or what’s on TV (haven’t had TV since 1999). But I could gossip about the local wildlife and weather because that’s what I pay attention to. Weird? Maybe, but I lead a quiet life and I like it that way.

    • Thank you very much. I’m not a social media person either. I’m not on FB, Instagram or Twitter, and this blogging stuff also gets to me. I talk about general things when somebody meets me too. Talking literature always is boring lol. I hardly watch the Television and prefer books to the screen. So, I guess a Marlboro, coffee, a hillside, and a quiet life suits me too.

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