A Westboro Baptist Pastor’s poetic sermon

Beloved, we’re here to mourn her, but having said
that, there’s much more at stake here that applies
to this poor generation of forsaken souls, dead
and I see your tears and defeated sobs, sighs

Yes, friends it’s tragic that a spirit should ebb
so young, so frail, so weak, still looking for
hope in this world of masturbation and more
and more of sordid sex, glam and white webs

of semen spilled on carpet floors and mats
and Solomon’s gems treated kinkily
without the good old-fashioned wife on her knees
who later bleeds, breeds and feeds with tits fat
and this girl too lived her life filthily
and so, stop now! For she burns with unheard pleas!

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

Protected by Copyscape

4 responses

    • I enjoyed the poem. I read it so many times. Thank you for the link. He’s very original, and terrific. And thank you very much Bruce. That really means a lot.

    • I guess I’m a bit of a Kylo Ren when it comes to art Ben. Tapping into both. Tugged this way and that! As far as the poem is concerned, yes it is the dark side. Thank you.

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