I could speak a few
lines so very poetic,
almost like a chorus,
the stress and unstressed
syllables, like crotchets and minims,
and keep you suspended in
a reaction, irreversible,
one-dimensional, archetypal,
a little old-fashioned,
but I’ll rather let those letters
curve down the arch of your back
like hookah smoke, slowly cascading,
melting skin, titillating, tantalizing,
seducing, and then reaching that
tattoo on your hip, I’ll let my expression
meet yours, and that’s a reaction
reversible, an equilibrium,
with one constant: given and
reciprocated, teasing you
in a way so electrifying,
while you tempt in your way
so exhilarating,
and as you turn, I’ll let you
savor each morsel of passion
on your neck, your eyes closing,
drifting in and out of
a high, that only we
give each other,
and your insatiable sighs,
are enough,
always asking for more,
and never less.

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

Protected by Copyscape

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