Well, if you’re really into unrequited love (Part 2)

I would skin off a car tire for you, and eat it however you wish: Raw, medium or well done. He calls you, “Bae,” and you blush, but I call you my sweetest fragrance that exhilarates the scent of the morning dew to astronomical proportions and you don’t even smile. I have died twice. My first death, when you said that flat, “No,” and the second when you ‘friend zoned’ me. The second is the lake of fire, and here I am spiraling in a vortex of flames; my anguish you’ll never know, because it makes me a corpse on fire, though I still walk with my head bowed, and eyes averting the light of the moon. Oh, wash away this angst with the sparkling showers of your tender honeyed love! Oh, pull me out of this pit of maggots and soothe me with the balm of your essence! Oh, don’t you see, my sweet? Oh, don’t you fathom, my Blue Jay? Oh, don’t you hear, my everlasting sonnet? You’ve throttled me with rejection, while he throttles his shaft: First gear, second, third, fourth and fifth. That is all he’ll give you: white droplets on a dusty floor, while I’ll give you the deepest red. I’ll cut my heart out and serve it on a platter if you’d devour it. Oh, my divine! Oh, my definition! Will you forever leave me with the miasma of eventide forming a noose around my neck? I’ve fasted for your delight, and now emaciated and with soiled pants, I lie in my disgust, while my hands still caress a pen and write you odes. You say, “I might marry him,” and if that materializes, my skin will fade, and the bones will show! Oh, songbird of the celestial! Oh, my muse! Oh, my heart! Must I writhe forever in this lowest rung of hell, while your hands wear the ring of a man who is not aesthetically inclined? An architect who can only draw squares, while I can personify the placid blue and make her the goddess that you are. Oh, I long for you like a caravanserai! Will you not permit me that rapture, even if I’m old? Oh, this is Love in the Time of Cholera indeed, but unlike that pervert, and other secret Lotharios who preach morality and abstinence, only because they’re sexually frustrated, I have kept myself pure for you! Oh, I would abstain even if I had you, because it is your love I seek, my princess! Know, my sweetest carnation that there is no fire in my loins, but I only have the purest soul, rid of all worldliness and lust, which wishes to hear your sublime song, calming me. So please, my jaggery of the sweetest cane, reciprocate, before I die withered and forgotten, outside the gates of your kingdom, a beggar without a cause.

P.S. You’ll find part one here:


© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

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  1. The first line-“I would skin off a car tire…” Liked this line a lot!
    At times I don’t connect to your writings, but I really enjoy reading them.

    • Thank you so much Orange. That is one of the best comments I’ve received, and I’ll tell you why too. I hope this long message doesn’t bore you! Your comment has made me think a lot about writing and how I should present stuff. So here’s a gist of what I do: I separate myself from my writing often, and the life I lead and my lines are not connected. I don’t get stoned or drunk, and smoking is really my only vice, and I actually spend a lot of time reading and doing some other literature related work that will hopefully help me foot the bills soon! I often write satire, mocking society and its flaws and this is an example. I do rarely write about my life, but I guess, only people who’ve followed me for years, and bloggers who are in touch will know when. So here’s what you have made me want to do: I feel that I should write a little simpler, when it’s necessary, and not be too abstract in my ideas. I feel that my satire should be less subtle when the need arises. I feel that I should not neglect my readers and make everybody try and connect. So thank you again. And I’m glad that you still read me and enjoy my work. It’s only work under construction though. It has been for years now!

  2. I was overwhelmed to see your comment Nitin.

    Haha! I generally write fiction, and I KNOW that the writer and narrator can be two different people, and whether they are or they aren’t, I respect the writings and the writer for whoever they are.

    I really like reading satirical posts, and your post on fundamentalism is one of my all time favorites. I never actually thought that someone could write so well on it. Yes, your words are brilliantly chosen and I use the dictionary for your posts, if I have patience, 😂 but your sass game is strong as fuck.

    Thank you for taking my comment so seriously. I’ve almost stopped commenting on posts. It makes me feel happy as a reader that people still do understand that somebody here is here genuinely to read (and sometimes, write).

    Indeed, we enjoy writings that we connect with us a little more. My favorite writer here on WordPress is Nitin from existential parody.
    Your writings are a little like his, but his writings are simpler, easier to understand, yet classy and mind-blowing.

    All I want to tell you is- Please don’t mould your writings to make sure the readers connect or understand. Just keep writing what you write and genuine readers will continue to read and appreciate (unless they have other commitments).

    Thank you again for making smile ear to ear!

    P.S. In case you are going to stalk Nitin please don’t tell him I sent you there. 😂 😂😂😛😛😛😛🙈

    • Nope I won’t stalk him. But if I happen to run into him in the blogosphere I’ll just allude to lemons and oranges. So this is my idiosyncratic sense of humour speaking: Perhaps you could post really dark stuff as Lemon too. Add another co-blogger which is actually the darker you? And this is my normal boring self talking: Thanks for the encouragement. Yeah I plan on changing things up, but I’ll do it slowly. I respect and like people who respect the writer and his words. And I’m glad you liked my post on fundamentalism. I was planning on doing more, but I’ll do it slowly. Perhaps I should add a jingoistic newsman alter ego as my co-blogger and post some satirical stuff. But don’t we already have that clown on the Republic doing it? I always read the people I follow. I often read a post once, and then come back and read it again to get a deeper understanding. And you’re welcome. I like making people smile or making them pull their hair out!

      • Lol lol lol! I cracked up reading “don’t we have that clown…”!
        I wish lemons could exist, but I just can’t write satire or humour! 😕

        Same. I always read people I follow. I come back to a post only if it’s something really cool!
        By the way, you missed out something in your essay-type-comments: “Thank you so much Orange. It really means a lot. ”

        And I don’t want to go bald! 😛

      • Hey you already write humorous posts. So the lemon could be the dark side. You know death and morbid stuff and all. Ha ha. I’m cracking up reading the last two sentences. Don’t worry it’s only really old fellows who go bald reading me, and they are not on my followers list. The good old chaps with a better sense of humour are. And what the hell!Thank you so much Orange. It really means a lot 😋 I hope I used the right emoticon. I suck at them.

      • Dark? You want black to be the new orange? I think I’ll write about death once I experience it. So you’ll have to wait.
        Oh yesss! This brings completeness. Your patent thank you note to everyone who comments! 😂😉 Well, my knowledge of emoticons is limited as well, so it’s just fine! 😛

      • I have to wait that long! Sheesh! You have quite a sense of humour btw. I’m writing a guide to emoticons next. The hermeneutics of smileys. And since you have given me no closure, and there aren’t any lemons at home, this one ends on a note of…

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