Dieu est mort


If God exists then he’s unmitigated wrath or silence
unseen, unheard, while fractured, twisted finitude
laments its bondage, or gives in to violence
amenable yet bellicose, quiet yet untrained: the tune, lewd

played by the pauper, piper – the poet, tiger both
a haunting shriek that seeks to slay, eviscerate skin and will
not listened to by a king, while we bleed; lips froth
what is ‘religion’, ‘science’ but a fundamentalist thrill?

you’ll get no answers from sects, doctrines, creeds or faith
which is why I’m no Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist or Sikh
then who are you man, prodding mystery? bones, wraith!
anomalous I am, not writhing in abyss, or on peaks

creating make-believe dreams, and since you ask, I ask, answer!
Now! Bullying & cyber hate? Abuse & rape?
Beheading & frays? War & terror? Shots & babes?
Chernobyl & Auschwitz? Disease & death? Disaster & blur?

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

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    1. I think you understood what I why trying to convey perfectly Holly. There’s a deeper semantic to this statement. It’s not something trite that I just made. It has taken me years.

        1. Exactly. But the truth is not letting them get to you. Replace anger with some other emotion, and just say, “Yeah keep preaching. I don’t care.”

        2. I don’t talk religion generally, because no one is going to change their mind and I don’t want to hear the fire and brimstone crap. It is sad that so many people live in fear of something they have no proof of at all except the myths passed down over the ages. There is spirituality in life , that’s different.

        3. Using fear to trap people into worship is something all religions do. Sometimes it tragically regresses into actual violence. As far as spiritually is concerned, I’m not for it. I believe in life. But I respect people who explore it.

    1. This isn’t a literal statement that I made just like that. It has taken me years of intense suffering to make it. I will write another essay which explains why in detail. Let’s just say that yesterday I was walking and I saw a group of people ready to beat someone else, and I happened to be reading man’s search for meaning and other books (both nihilistic and lying on the other end of existentialism) and that was the final straw.

  1. If God is; he is Creator, initiator, Father. His power persists in the intelligent Ones he created: in short, sentient people like you and me. Wielding powerful potential; some injure, others mutilate, a few do the most dastardly of deeds. I also cannot see the God that Christians purport there to be; in the simultaneous existence of mental illness, disparity, and cruelty. I feel torn in this, in the times I’ve had of definite divine intervention.

    1. Exactly, the God that Christians purport seems to be a God of wrath and hate more than that of love. And what is the point of living if you’re already damned before you were even born, and that’s what Romans 9 says. But Calvinists will harp on that, and say it calls for faith, and God is Sovereign and can do as he pleases and so on. And this world is not the best of all worlds. And that begs me to ask why God created or ‘allowed’ such a fractured, dissonant place to even come into being. I was torn for many years, but as I walked on the street yesterday, I saw a group of Muslims trying to beat another, and I happened to be reading man’s search for meaning, and that incident put the nail in the coffin.

        1. See the book man’s search for meaning is written by a person who survived a concentration camp, and still found purpose. I haven’t completed it, and so I cannot comment right now, but I don’t agree with a few portions. The incident happened when I was walking to get some cigarettes. A group of Muslims suddenly got down from their bikes and rushed towards another who was expecting them, and smiling. They took him someplace else. It probably ended in a few slaps or threats. But all this made me think very deeply. Why is God silent is my ultimate question?

  2. N-L-M! You amazer!

    I am anti religion(not anti God) and religions certainly do not give us any answers. Your arguments, honestly, are so so valid.

    You hit the nail on the head with this one! Content, or technicalities (I’m not aware of those) , insight or amazing usage of words, ask for it and your post has it. Full blown perfection! *Applause* 🔥

    I’ll come back to this post again, probably. I have my fest going on in college…

    1. Thank you Orange! Yes no religion gives you answers. And I’m not anti God. A lot of people might misconstrue what I’ve said and think that I am, but the truth is I’m questioning our reality. We as humans suffer and hurt one another, and where is God in all of this. People these days just spew fundamentalism or go further in the name of religion. Like I said I’m not an atheist. This is nihilism. But there are many aspects of it that I don’t agree with, and I’ll write an essay on it soon. That should elaborate where I stand more clearly.

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