The sojourner’s song

What news do you bring from afar dear traveler?
Nothing but good tidings, peace and calm
And do the mountains whisper my dear sojourner?
Nay, they stay still, with a scent embalm

No secrets, knowledge, victories, goals, won or lost?
Nothing but good tidings, peace and calm
Then why do you dare journey, walk or fly a mast?
Since, hills stay still, with a scent embalm

By scent you mean a secret tune, an abstract psalm?
No just breeze and petrichor and song
Ah! Metaphysical tunes then to ancient rhymes?
Nay, just a stroll while the old clock chimes
But surely you bring little wisdom: right or wrong?
Nothing but good tidings, peace and calm

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

Protected by Copyscape

15 responses

    • Thank you Orange. I’m glad you were able to relate to it in such a way. Well I’ll usually say that means a lot, but I’ll just say that you are kind this time :)

      • I missed your words!
        Infact, I even looked for ‘Coffee shop musings’ from my friend’s fb account, just in case you were serious about it! It’s no where 😂

      • Lol! I closed that down. It was there until yesterday. I decided that until I figure out Facebook completely I’m not using the platform. I’ll continue writing on this blog. I took some time off, and just relaxed for awhile. I went out, hung out by myself and I was stuck in a coffee day while it poured yesterday.

      • I’m so happy with your decision to continue writing here. ☺️
        It poured in b’lore yesterday?😮

      • Yeah where on earth where you lol? I was drowning and I said, “Anybody? Humans? Oranges? Even lemons?” 😋 On a serious note, yes it rained heavily.

    • Thanks Bruce. I did want to give it a musical feel. I changed the meter a little too. It’s not what I usually do. Now I need to go find myself a bard!

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