Andrea dances to the rhythm of song and affection. She gracefully pivots through both the challenges of life and the hues of the season with an elegance of a ballet dancer. The pink Bougainvillea creeps on the wall of the bungalow she inherited where the men in her life drift in and out like thoughts in the consciousness: some wonderful and handsome, some angry, some vain, some seeking to gain a hold, but Andrea has mastered the art of controlling her mind, and her men. Try as they may, their efforts at seduction gradually crumble like a sandcastle slowly broken with rough fingers; their confidence and Alpha male stereotypes gradually fade like the burgundy sunset that compliments her red home with its lush green lawn. As Andrea walks, a myriad colors that life beckons embrace her and she soaks in the hues she wants: perhaps a night entangled with a lover between the sheets, perhaps a vintage wine, perhaps a party where she’s guest and host both, making sure the cogs of the social machinery fall right where they should. She’s a woman of experience, depth and lessons that books don’t teach us, but that’s not to say she isn’t well read. Some men yearn and hunger with insatiable desire just to get a voyeuristic peak while she showers, the water slowly softening her cascading hair and slipping down her breasts, her brown skin before touching the grey floor. Others long to get a glimpse of what happens in her heart and mind: men of greater depth and intellect, and she offers both no view. Some love her and don’t mind being quixotic, and she offers them an austere stoic demeanor challenging their very convictions. And the last think austerity will win her, and she breaks them with an uncanny compassion that isn’t exactly naïve but too beautiful for their one-dimensional reasoning to fathom. There isn’t anyone who knows Andrea better than herself, and there lies her beauty, elegance, charm, wit and subtlety.

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

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Photo by Jon Hernandez on Unsplash

19 responses

  1. This is stunning in its vivid exoticism, sensual hues and images, dynamic visuals, an amazing blend of woodwind and percussion, color and motion. The artwork an interpretive partner to its voice. Breathtaking writing Nitin.

    • Thank you so much for such a kind, deep and generous comment Holly. I read it yesterday, but thought I’d read it again today, and comment when I wake up. It’s beautiful when someone reads and then analyses the piece so well. It actually gave it a new dimension of meaning and makes me want to write more because I’ve realised that art is a two way communication between the writer and the reader. Thanks again.

  2. I really loved this piece. Good writing always keeps me reading and I read this whole thing, wishing I knew her better than any one. Good job creating a character people instantly want to care for.

    • Thank you. It’s always beautiful when people read and comment. And I’m very glad I gave the character justice. And I’m all the more happy that you could relate to her.

      • of course! thank you for stopping by on my blog too and I’ll definitely be back to read some more.

    • Thank you so much Chelsea. And your question has opened up a plethora of meaning. I didn’t think along those lines at all when I wrote this. Wow. You’ve really gotten me thinking now. There must be some way to reach her. I just haven’t figured it out yet!

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