I spent years, smoking my cigarettes and devouring books; absorbing and assimilating all the knowledge I lay my hands on; ripping the bark of wisdom to find what lies at the core, but I still found myself in a dark room, groping for a switch, without my glasses on. And then I found you, imperfect, but perfect enough for me, and I knew then that light and darkness are just metaphysical concepts, but love conquers them, consumes them, overpowers and overwhelms them, and this love I feel in my heart, this deepest affection which is the source of all truth and all other beauty is unexplainable, incomprehensible, unyielding and inexhaustible. It grows with each passing day, nourished by you; it breaks barriers and walls that enclose and gushes out, severing ties with a dead past and an unknown future. I love you for the woman you are, and though seasons change people, and time alters perception, nothing triumphs over true love. And it isn’t lust or adoration or a vague fondness. It’s something rare and special, bestowed often on the unlikeliest individuals. But I know it now, and I’m not letting go, because I hold you close, steadfast through the excitement and disappointment, steady through the laughter and pain, and this isn’t mere attachment, it’s deeper, and it grounds and roots me, keeps me steady, and what is a cause or a chase, but dust? What is waiting for chance but rolling a dice and expecting it to land on a certain digit? Those things are ephemeral, but love endures, stands strong, defeats crudeness, brings back innocence and makes a person acknowledge his faults, accept responsibility, but not stay there, but move on because he has something more substantial than trite infatuation or a tease. And love is all we need.

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

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