The fiddler plays, but we’re not dancing yet

We don’t need to talk tonight, so hush, because the demons sleep. Sure, they’ll return tomorrow while the fiddler plays his sad violin on the roof, and I’ll wonder if this is the little girl I carried, and why, oh why has fate struck her with my curse and blessing, my gift and punishment. When we wake, they’ll howl and like little insects pierce through our thick skulls and feast on the serotonin in our synapses. But they sleep now darling, they sleep. So hush, it’s best we don’t wake them up at this hour. I hold you in my hands, gently stroking your hair, while you softly snore, and I think these thoughts. If I could, I’ll wage war against them, though my grip is weak, my sword blunt, and my shield shattered like a dented car’s hood. I’ll play the arsonist and set them on fire. Or the sacrificial lamb, take them upon myself, and let them completely disorient me, thoroughly destroy me, and drown myself after so they never return and you grow normal, healthy and strong. But they exist in a realm I cannot touch, and prayer is dead in their post-apocalyptic metaphysical realm. They shield the sovereign with a black curtain, and so, I can’t do anything but stay at your side. I often think of years from now, when I’m gone, first split by these fireflies from hell forming a scythe, cutting through skull and mind, and then becoming a body blue and cold. Will you find a way by then to beat the apparitions, the ghastly horrible hounds? I never did, but I hope you succeed. And what if you didn’t? Who will you turn to? Your mother’s an alcoholic mess, showing up now and then and using us selfishly for money, and your older sister succumbed, hanging from the ceiling fan, and taking with her, a part of me. I wish you’d set yourself on righteous fire, killing them off once and for all. But wishes are just delusions, probably instigated by the same little death-moths making us believe, so we can suffer more. Find strength in the torture, find meaning in the pain, and when you can’t handle them, find a way to rip them to shreds; tear them, torture them in an inner purgatory reserved just for them. Show them pain; grant them unendurable havoc. You’re stronger than me. Become steel, transcend, and make them afraid: Terrified of causing you despondency or paranoia. Give them a neurosis and a psychosis, and liberate yourself. And then walk into a new age. But tonight sleep easy, they aren’t here, and I am, and even when I’m gone, let my presence remain, because I won’t rest until you’ve flayed them alive, impaled them, and then thrown them in a pot of boiling water. Kill depression and psychosis by using the old brutal adage: an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. Show them no mercy, but always remember that I love you. Sleep easy, my daughter, sleep.

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

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7 responses

  1. Ah, I wish someone had written something like this for me when I was a girl. Well I’m still a girl but before I was grown. Instead I had to write my own. But at least I did.
    This was beautiful to me.
    What a wonderful way with words you have. You definitely have a fan here

    • It’s good to write your own. It gives you a lot of strength. And thank you so much. I try my best, and when someone comments and resonates with what I write, it’s beautiful.

  2. This was really amazing. When I first read it, I was actually so moved that I didn’t write anything here.
    Very evocative!

    “…and even when I’m gone, let my presence remain, because I won’t rest until you’ve flayed them alive, impaled them” loved these lines!

    P.S. I’ll be away for some time, and you won’t get to see me in your comments section. (Lol, don’t cry 😝) I’ll be glad to have stuff to read when I return!

    • Thank you Orange. My intention was to move people using a surreal piece, and I’m glad I managed to. I’ll be taking a break myself because I need to recover physically. But I’m crying already 😋 And I need to catch up on some reading. So until next time, my friend.

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