Life has taught me just one thing, and it is to madly love only the people who are capable of receiving and reciprocating the same deep, profound affection that goes beyond anger, bitterness, lust, self-pity, brokenness, guilt and sorrow. And this is the anchor that holds me, the root that grounds me, and even if my vessel crashes or I go down withered by age, this is my choice, my call and my blood.

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

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    • Thank you so much Betty. There isn’t any other point in living other than for true love. That’s my motto, at least. And it has taken me years to get here.

      • Absolutely true. I learned that the hard way. It often unnerved me, and sometimes still gets to me, but I’ve realised that I don’t ever want to fall prey to hate again. Even if I’m unloved, I’ll love. Thank you for the comment. It’s beautiful and I learned something from it.

      • You’ve made me think as well. There’s a certain freedom in being able to love without the need for it to be returned. We can love someone’s essence from afar and they need never know.
        Something else related to the previous topic, I found years ago that when a relationship ends, I’d rather be the one hurt than be the one who hurts another.
        All this makes for some good poetry. Thank you for the conversation!

      • Yeah we definitely can love someone’s essence from afar. That happened to me when I was younger, although I dismissed it later as idealism, but thinking back, it’s true. And yes, I’ve learned to not lash out through volatile poetry, which I’m sadly capable of. I’m also learning to distance myself from my art, so that it doesn’t parallel my life in any way. I think T.S. Eliot will agree, although sometimes he’s hard to understand. And don’t get me started on Ezra Pound! And yes, sorrow is often such a better muse than anger. And you’re very welcome. And thank you too.

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