The deepest hue

I love you, and that’s all that matters, because despite life’s ups and downs, victories and disappointments, a lifetime spent loving you, with the deepest emotion, so different from all the other feelings that hit us from different directions. Yes, a lifetime spent knowing the source of all beautiful feeling and depth, while still retaining innocence, is worth it all in the end. How many people know this deep red hue, which is the color from which all the other smaller pieces like joy or peace emerge? A handful really, in this world of trillions, and why? I don’t know, because love is not something we can force into submission, or hack at the bark until we get to the core. It finds us and when two people love each other, which is different from lust or proclamations, though misfortune threatens the house or even ruins it, though there are times when feuds separate the two and they doubt each other’s sincerity, some deep red lantern of trust, brings them back: a slender thread at first, and then a tough string of steel, and I don’t care about years lived, or about a post-life nirvana, I care about you, and right now, at this moment I love you, and my core feels it, my hearts beats to its rhythm, and my soul sings it tune, and isn’t this closure my sweet? Isn’t this the most beautiful idyllic place to live: never without, but within?

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

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