In the end –

We talk so much about freedom with an emphasis on the individual, the modernist laments the loss of the old values, and the postmodernist says, reality is just an illusion, and we’ll do anything to not feel trapped, tortured, tormented and people often lose sense of direction while they’re on this path – self-transcendence through […]

In another life

I walked into the liquor store today, slightly disoriented, disconcerted, disillusioned, and I paid the guy a thousand bucks for some wine. The pastor owed me two thousand for some work I did for him and refused to pay me; retreated into some self-righteous armor when I called him out, like a turtle protecting itself […]


Phase 1 I wake up, push the bedspread off me, walk on the white floor, past the wooden cupboard to the bathroom. I sit in my tub and finish the bottle of wine. I walk out and greet my wife. Phase 2 Me: Good morning. My wife: Do you ever plan on showering? It’s been […]

Trial by Fire

Sometimes life tries you with fire, and you either come out burnt, singed or refined. You’re either made of some cleaning compound, and pretty soon you’re moaning and moping in infectious self-pity, and you’re like a forest fire of whines setting ablaze like-minded fucked up, unable to handle a jab sorrowed, melancholic dry leaves: used […]

When the heart’s gone

When we said, “For better or for worse,” some dewy-eyed part of us hypothesized a forever walk under an innocent Jacaranda, purple Cherub-flowered tunnel, through sickness or fortune, seamlessly walking to the sweetest song, hand in hand, laughing or smiling, kissing or just thinking of each other. But as the years rolled by, some wistful […]


I know looking into your heart is like looking into a kaleidoscope, or maybe that metaphor’s a little showy, but I’m running with it for now at least, until I switch the station, and play something with a cooler jazz vibe. So, I look and find all these abstract patterns: bright and colorful, each representing […]