Trial by Fire

Sometimes life tries you with fire, and you either come out burnt, singed or refined. You’re either made of some cleaning compound, and pretty soon you’re moaning and moping in infectious self-pity, and you’re like a forest fire of whines setting ablaze like-minded fucked up, unable to handle a jab sorrowed, melancholic dry leaves: used up, and crushed; or you’re made of water – a quiet grit that endures before overwhelming, engulfing the fire, and you’re made of tragic optimism that won’t quit until the withered forest grows green again, and you inhale the smell of the earth, dirtying your fingers with it, and saying, “It was excruciating, but meant to be, and I wouldn’t stand anywhere else now,” but patience takes years of precisely honing it, anger takes years before you master it, self-pity takes years before you let it all soak in a sponge of realism and then toss the sponge away, and I guess that’s why providence dishes out trials. Hell, you find terminally ill cancer patients making the healthiest people laugh. They know they’re going to die, but they’re for going down the right way, with a Marvin Hagler chin. Sure, you’ll fall, slip, or break bones, but looking towards the next moment makes the journey worth it. And loving people during the process just enhances the beauty of it all. You can’t love everybody, and some people are best avoided or ignored, but there are a few in each life. So, don’t fuck up an opportunity to foster something special with a person willing to love you.

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

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18 responses

  1. “I’m you’re aspirin” haha that is gold.
    “And loving people during the process just enhances the beauty of it all” – I love that. And after all of the burning and refining, that love is left with a blinding glow.
    I love that last line too.

    • I was just thinking about you as I was nominated for a versatile blogger award, and was compiling my short list of bloggers I was going to pass it on to. Perfectly fine if you don’t do those things, just wanted to get your name on there as I enjoy your thought provoking writing so much. (I will be posting it shortly) :)

      • Thank you for the nomination. And I’m so glad my writing resonates with you. I don’t accept awards, but I’m very humbled by the nomination. Thanks again.

      • Well I decided not to nominate (because it doesn’t make sense to me, actually, as evidenced by the confusion in my post haha) but just to share others’ talent and my appreciation. 😁
        And you are very welcome. 🥂

    • Thank you so much my friend. In the end it’s only love that endures. You can’t love everyone, but when you love truly and feel it in your heart, then you’re among the lucky few in the world who’ve known true love.

    • Thank you so much my friend. Your comments are always like a breath of fresh air. It’s beautiful when someone reads and resonates with my writing.

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