From Age to Age

As I grow older, with the passing of each age, as nature’s light beckons me, and I see the most vivid green hue, as time meets another phase, and being to becoming is inevitable, I seek a deep solitude, a colder mist, and a bluer sky. I long for the rolling hills, layered and layered, and yet existing, without the need for language or interpretation. I seek to receive more than give, to listen more than talk, to know more than interpret, and my books will take me on my course for a season, before a deeper thirst forms within: One fulfilled only by the beauty of natural things – seen, felt, smelt or tasted. I long for a disconnection from society and its restrictions, but not for a reckless abandon, but a purer loss of inhibition, and this isn’t fatigue or jadedness; it’s an innate need: one that always existed but now has finally met my consciousness. I long for the company of one or two only – like-minded, compassionate and loving, and seek to not emulate them, but become like them; separate and yet the same. I seek beauty, love, joy and peace: emotion I’ve known and am slowly knowing again. I also seek the bliss of non-being or not-existing though I exist. I look for one woman, who’ll give me true love, and not just physical satisfaction. I aim for transcendence, and don’t want to look back on my contradictions or how far I’ve come. I aim to live in the present and delight and embrace her. And some say, it’s plausible; other’s idyllic, I’ll say it’s happening.

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

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  1. I think it is an Australian thing to look towards water for solice. We are a nation of surfers. A rolling sea is a refuge to us.

    ‘Gypsies come from wonderland
    I took my horse down to the sand
    Underneath a thousand miles of sky
    I watch the waves come tumbling down
    I heard so many different sounds
    It cleared my head and eased my worried mind’

    So when you take to the hills, we take to the ocean. There we can be alone and together simultaneously.

    • I love the poem. I guess it’s an Australian thing. The cold mist and the icy winter in the hills, always clears my mind. So I guess what we do for solace is different and yet similar.

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