This isn’t about metaphysics; just life and love

I don’t fear man, god, purgatory or death
God left me to writhe in the sordid dark
And I’ve seen too much to care, think of light
And what of being and becoming? Life?
Well, just one thing seems worthy now – true love
And often, it comes after so much hate

I’ve known the most skin-scraping, breaking, hate
I’ve seen dimensions split – the void, pure death
I’ve known extreme emotion – pure bliss, love
But always, it’s a step back to the dark
So fuck it all – the elements and life
I’ll always shift between pitch-black, pure-light

She gave me some sense of life, little light
But I just gave her my core – my pure hate
I guess there’s more to this thing we call life
But I’m so jaded, I think I’ll hug death
Just find my closure in the purest dark
But some part still tugs me towards pure love

And what of you? Do you know love? I do…
I don’t want your dark, I want your deep light
I’m tired of you abusing chants and dark –
space, and you know, that I, directly hate
I’m shattered, broken, do you seek my death?
Or do you wish to breathe life through deep love?

And you, do you seek to destroy your life?
I know deep down there’s so much, true red love
But it’s like you want an end – blackest death
I urge you to seek the clear, blissful light
But I guess there’s unresolved deep, dark hate
You know I’ve seen enough – toss that sick dark…

We spend our lives back and forth – light and dark
But there’s much more than we make of this life
And the truth never rests in filthy hate
It lies in total, pure, to-the-bone love
And that’s the answer to our search for light
And it defeats the void, or hell or death

I don’t fear man, god, purgatory or death
I don’t want your dark, I want your deep light
It lies in total, pure to-the-bone love

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

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