In the end –

We talk so much about freedom
with an emphasis on the individual,
the modernist laments the loss
of the old values, and the postmodernist
says, reality is just an illusion,
and we’ll do anything to not
feel trapped, tortured, tormented
and people often lose sense of
direction while they’re on this
path – self-transcendence through
any means possible; others
stay stuck in four walls with
a stench of conservatism that
they fool themselves into believing
is the fragrance of all fragrances,
but when will finitude realize that
despite all these ideas thrown from
platforms and podiums, from prison cells
and poisonous ink, from poetry and
prose, from eloquence and elasticity,
the simple truth is basic, never over-reaching
or intricate? It’s innate and you’re born
with it, irrespective of where your position
lies at a later stage or phase, in this
movement of actors, emulators or
sincere men and women, it screams
aloud when you cheat on your wife,
it breaks your heart when you break
another, it stones you with rocks of
guilt when you break ‘boundaries’,
and it’s also a whisper in both
the light and the dark, simply
saying, “You’re not free to do
as you please,” and this is the crux of
Crime and Punishment, or positive
existentialism, or mysticism, or true religion, or
beauty, and so what? Do you castigate
yourself for your mistakes? Do you
seek some ethereal light? No, you love
a few ferociously and passionately
with all affection and action,
with all belief and brokenness,
because though you may not
find that unicorn and rainbow-hued
land, or those dark places that give you
a false thrill, one things remains and will
remain, and it’s just as innate—it’s love.

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

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13 responses

  1. Love, i suppose, should be the one and sure thing we all, strive for, but, because of how we interpret love differently, and how some of us mistook something else entirely opposite of love as love, that, is why we all search so hard, for what we thought love actually is, and not knowing what it truly is all about, and that, is why most of us don’t find it.

    • You’ll know when you really love someone trust me. It’s not lust. It’s this genuine affection backed up with action. And if that person does reciprocate you’re lucky, but if they don’t you won’t chase after them because you love them truly. You’ll just let go and rejoice in the fact that you actually knew love, because like you said most people don’t. I loved a woman once, but she married someone else. But I’m happy for her, and wish her the best, and I’ve moved on, and I’m happy that I loved her. That’s the beauty of love.

  2. “one thing remains and will
    remain, and it’s just as innate—it’s love”

    Your deep understanding of love is uplifting ☺️

  3. I really like this. I have no fancy words yours did all the fancy work. This hit home for me. Sometimes it feels like love is so many things. Sometimes it feels like love is just a feeling like anxiety. But I like this one. And I like that you’ve had that chance at love. Beautiful writing. Beautiful words.

    • Hey, It’s good to see you here, and thank you so much. It means a lot when someone likes what I do, but means much more when someone resonates with my writing. And yes, love can be nervous anticipation or anxiety. Actually you’re right. Love is so many beautiful things.

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