If empaths really did exist

Artists with incredibly high emotional intelligence will quit writing sooner or later. Trust me, it’s a fact. Now, let’s say that hypothetically speaking an ’empath’ did exist. What would he be like? Well, first, you won’t be able to lie to him, and he’ll know if you’re keeping secrets the moment he encounters you. And he’s hardwired to feel that way, he doesn’t need some horrifying deity or sacrifice. He just knows. Second, he won’t call himself an ‘empath’, because something like that is a curse, not a blessing. Imagine soaking up everybody’s emotion and coping. Third he’ll probably resort to alcoholism or addiction to find release. Fourth, he’ll love solitude and hate the annoying crowd, and fifth he’ll absolutely despise predators or emotional vampires and do anything to protect vulnerable people, including self-sacrifice or in a certain terrible scenario force. Why? Well, he senses far deeper than ordinary people do. He feels for the poor, the broken-hearted and the despairing because he’s seen much trial in his own life. And he’ll come across as naïve but there’s another side to him: a side which wants to forsake the other peculiar species called the ‘feeder’. Because for each soul who absorbs and reciprocates love, there’s probably some occultist bastard or bitch who thrives on other people’s misery. And don’t get me wrong, the empath feels anger too, but it’s a righteous anger, a ball of fury that will consume a sick, twisted, sociopathic mind. And he’ll laugh with you when you’re kind, but rub him the wrong way, and he’ll fade from your existence. Rub him some more, and you’ll provoke him. He’ll also look to the light, and fiercely love a few, even if he’s trapped in the darkness, and his tragic optimism will sicken people. Finally, I see so many come along seeking out the broken and miserable, and calling themselves ‘empaths’. Trust me, avoid them. I’d hack a narcissistic, psychopath who feeds off torturing people and wanting them to stay depressed with a machete, if I was god. So, remember that all white-robed prophets come straight from the abyss, and a flurry of emoticons must be deconstructed. And also remember that predators will never face you man to man, without some conniving trick up their sleeve because then they’ll be bitch slapped and weep like Ronda Rousey did. And please don’t forget that I do not believe in a metahuman called an ‘empath’, because we’re as flawed as they come, and I just believe in love and justice.

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    1. Well, I spoke to a friend who told me his ex was an empath, and so, I looked at her FB profile and found tons of stuff that had this narcissistic vein running through them. And then I found people on WP writing dark posts (about murder and stuff) or that was my interpretation of them, and masking them and then calling themselves empaths. And so I finally talked to a clinical psychologist friend (I know a bunch of them since I was studying to become one once) and she told me it’s something that’s recently creeped into pop-psychology and doesn’t have any credibility. And so, I eventually googled them, and found some good traits that I’m capable of sometimes, and wrote this to throw it back in their faces. Attention seekers and narcissists are everywhere. I myself can be both, but if there’s an artist living out some sick twisted fantasy, then I’m angry. Very because innocent people are involved. And it’s WP and so there are bound to be some serious creeps lurking around.

      1. I think the term em-path is, as your friend says, pop psychology. Of course people empathize with others who have been hurt or harmed. Those who want to proclaim their status as an empath are missing the point, why do they label themselves as some kind of special being who can “feel” the emotions of someone…because they are a narcissist. It’s all about them. They are easy to spot, I, Me, Myself. They can be spotted a mile off. AS for WP, that is a dating site now for most, rather than a platform to write, create, etc. Let the naive beware. What happened to Match? lol.

        1. True. You cannot feel what goes on in another person’s inner world. And a concentration camp survivor who’s still positive like Viktor Frankl can call himself an empath, but he doesn’t and writes a book without mentioning his name, until the publishers asked him for it. Now he knows empathy because he suffered. I’ll recommend Man’s search for meaning for any narcissist. Hell, it helped me get rid of some of my own selfish qualities. I still have others to work on. As for WP being a dating site, I don’t want to even comment. For me, I need to get to know a person for at least six months, meeting them in person, before dating them. I learned that the hard way! This online dating stuff goes over my head. A sestina is easier to figure out!

  1. Wait… are you saying that the Betazoid people of Star Trek do Not exist?? Who ARE you??! I’m kidding, I’m kidding. But seriously, I like this post. It’s got me thinking, and that’s a good thing. As always, thanks for sharing!

    1. Well, I believe every character in both Star Trek and Star Wars exists. Jar Jar included (although I hate to admit it!) I’m just skeptical of empaths. And thank you so much. I’m glad it got you thinking.

    1. I’m willing to listen to a counter point of view, and might even agree. After your date that is! And thanks Diana. It’s good to see you here.

  2. I actually am an empath. :) I heard the term years ago, so am not up on all this pop psychology stuff. I realize you wrote this from negative experiences; the horribly painful thing is that, besides any sort of narcissism, it was like you’d written out the myriad behaviors and problems I’ve had.

    1. I understand. I wrote this post because I’ve read posts which are downright cruel and have an occult bend to them by people calling themselves empaths. I had an extremely abusive father growing up and I hate it when people thrive on other people’s misery just like I hate cliques who stereotype or groups who target an individual because I was severely bullied growing up. I can completely get you saying you’re an empath because you know suffering like I do. It’s not easy living with depression or BPAD (in my case). I’m very flawed and my manic highs often lead to a narcissism although I hate it. I looked up what an empath is, and just gave my own spin on qualities that many writers have put up. So this post isn’t really that original. I have this need to protect people and I guess I get into trouble because of that. And coming back to those cruel posts, maybe I misinterpreted them completely. I’m willing to accept that I’m wrong.

  3. I haven’t the experience you have with the term; in regards to abuse, narcissists, etc. I merely could not understand why unspoken expressions from others affect me so deeply -why I feel like a radio receiver for the entire mood of my household.
    I respect your observations and experiences because you research where I have not and you uncover many truths by dint of raw exasperation.

    1. I can relate to the radio receiver bit. I find myself often absorbing the emotion of people around me, and know when they’re deceitful. And I’ve been proven right too. I guess I need to look into this further. Perhaps empaths exist, or perhaps it’s something else altogether. I don’t know yet, but I’ve had many mystical experiences too. I guess I don’t want to explore further because I’m afraid of what I might discover.

    1. I think they’re capable of empathising and caring. If not we wouldn’t be human. But I don’t think I can truly understand what a concentration camp survivor went through, even though I’ve read books and wept. I just can’t put myself there. And I’m also not sure about absorbing the emotion of everyone around you. I’m willing to admit I’m wrong though.

        1. Well that’s the description I found everywhere on the net. That empaths absorb energy, both negative and positive, and that their gut tells them if someone is lying. And so much more. So I obviously didn’t believe it. Sometimes I guess we do absorb negativity or positivity, but if we were to feel everything that people feel, you’re right, we’d explode! Which is why I wrote about the whole substance abuse thing. I believe in empathy, but an empath seems too far fetched. I hope I’m making sense!

        2. Sure. I guess it’s a question of degrees, though. Some people are a lot better than others, but you’re right, the maximum level is probably rather impossible.

        3. Come to think of it, an ex girlfriend of mine described herself this way. She didn’t use that word, but still. Truth is she’s rather narcissistic and paranoid, and quite mean and manipulative. Just sayin’…

        4. Yeah a lot of ‘good people’ are actually terrible and manipulative. I’ve experienced that time and over again. It’s always the ‘good person’ who stabs me in the end. My ex-girlfriend who I dated for a year was somewhat similar. Actually I’ve been in quite a few relationships with such women. Well said.

        5. I know what you mean. I tend to avoid people who proclaim
          themselves ‘good’ at an early stage. It usually means nohing but a total lack of criticism of their own actions.

  4. You seem to now a lot about empathy, yet you deny their existence. How? I don’t know!
    It’s very sad you had some horrible examples from empaths or people that adopted the term for their desire of belonging.
    Empathy don’t necessary look for a way out of their emotions in order to cope with all the soaking.
    Empaths are still human- empaths is just a term used to define their abilities.
    Empaths are not necessary sociopaths/psychopaths even though there are some just like in any other group – there are some good and some bad.
    A lot of times people do detect lies however they just move forward either because those people whom have lied to them aren’t any important to them nor they get can affected by them!
    Empaths are ordinary people with their own lives, interests and hobbies just anyone else; they just have a few enlightened senses; that doesn’t however make them crazy in any way (even though as I said there are crazy ones)
    It’s great to share your point of view and personal experiences from a particular group of people but try to be a little open minded and treat every situation individual.
    P.s. feeling other people’s pain (physical or emotional) does suck I will agree a it definitely makes you feel lost at times, but hey it does feel quite good too when you know you have mentally or physically helped somebody to get thought something they couldn’t handle or didn’t want to handle on their own.
    You’ll meet the ones like your friend’s ex who revolved her life around being an empath and then you’ll meet the ones who just help and just keep quite about it unless they’re asked for help or an opinion!
    It was great to observe your point of view and sorry for the long response!!

    1. I apologize for the late reply. I went through your comment in detail and yes, I do know about empathy and I’m an emotional person myself who’s capable pf empathy but I don’t like the term ’emapth’. I believe that we’re all capable of empathizing with other people (albeit to different degrees). I think the term is something that has creeped into modern psychology. Traditional psychology or theories of personalities by different psychologists don’t even mention the term. They call it emotional intelligence. But with the advance of technology and the millennial generation, terms like these are common and are thrown around. But I completely respect your opinion although I don’t share it. Thank you for it.

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