The Autumn Arc – Night One (Part One)

Okay, I don’t know whenmarsmetsaturn well, and he likes his anonymity, but he’s a great fantasy fiction writer, and his series has me glued. This is his first post. I hope you’ll read too and progress like I am. I enjoy his writing and I’m glad I got the chance to collaborate with him.

Whispers of the Universe

Thomas dreamt of the moon

It had been a long time since Soma had witnessed such a gathering of luminaries. He’d forgotten how loud and angry these things could get. His fellow Celestials were a capricious lot, prone to anger and filled with pride, forever squabbling over petty positions of authority. Needless to say, a gathering of the planets was never bereft of event. The Sun usually settled such disputes, but he had been growing ever more lethargic as his hibernation period came nearer. When Jupiter and Ceres the Younger had begun an argument over some ancient territorial dispute, with no sign of the Sun showing any interest in pronouncing judgment, Soma had lost all hope of ever seeing this conclave bear fruit — but then out of nowhere came hope from an unexpected source. Just beyond the entrance portal stood an old blindfolded celestial, whispering into the gatekeeper’s…

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