Political Angst

I live in a country where right-wing Nazis justify raping and murdering an 8-year-old in a temple, and call us ‘sickulars’ because we support secularism, and stand for tolerance, love and justice. If you think Donald Trump is ushering in Fascism, think again, because he’s just a fat, bob-head with a trophy wife who barks. It’s Narendra Modi with his cult of personality and pro-Hindutva bloodlust who bites. I’ve often felt like a coward for not standing up, but I think it’s time. I’m just an obscure writer who’s been published once, but if I didn’t speak up, or stand for love and justice, then my art, irrespective of how poignant, moving or beautiful it is, is just ashes in an urn, that you should rightly smash and sweep away.

They lynch people here for herding cows because they’re Muslim and eat beef. The value of an individual means nothing compared to an animal that is considered ‘sacred’, and the international media has more guts than the local news network when it comes to reporting atrocities because journalists are either frightened or are jingoistic, one-dimensional charlatans like that idiot on The Republic who doesn’t give a person a chance to speak.

Fools lit candles and stood, in a protest against the Congress years ago, and look who they’ve brought into power: A crude, mass murderer who has made yoga compulsory in schools, saying that it has no religious connotations or denotations – even though it requires the missionary position while you look up to the sun – and turns a blind eye when they strip Christians naked, and force other minorities to convert, and dance to his sickening Saffron Parade.

You have bloggers who’re outwardly postmodern but inwardly fundamentalist, saying, ‘Modi, Modi, all the way,’ who keep ranting about corruption. These bastards don’t understand that corruption exists at a micro-level and no party can eliminate it completely.

India is corrupt. Deal with it. Hell, I had to pay the policeman a thousand bucks to get my passport, and before you babble, pouring your raw, militant angst out, saying that it’s the Indian National Congress’s fault, because I live in a state where they’re in power, remember that the last time your precious Hindutva reigned here, we had three chief ministers over a period of five years, and we had ministers thrown in jail for making crores illegally.

The ‘problem’ with Muslims like the Nazis call it is not the lack of education. The problem with the entire country is a peculiar species called the ‘Hindu educated moron.’ He wears a saffron robe, and dances to the rhythm of casteism, violence and intolerance. He’s a clusterfuck of both ‘evolution’ and horoscopes, of both ‘tolerance’ and imposing yoga in schools, of both ‘utilitarianism’ and superstitious mantras, of both ‘modernism’ and strict Vegan Brahmanism, of both ‘post-modernism’ and radical one-dimensional Hindu ‘science.’ I’m sure he gets his enema done regularly and I wish the tube went deeper, all the way to his consciousness, and purged him of his duplicity and idiocy.

You bastard of a man, with your wishy-washy, forever chasing the will-o’-the-wisp, thinking things will change notions. You’re romantic and you need to take a stand motherfucker. You’re either against the saffron mob or for it, and it’s time your ‘dark night of the political soul’ ended. Remember that it’s democracy that brought Hitler in, and your hero worshiping of the man in charge is no different. India cannot make that leap into capitalism like our current prime minister wants it to. There’s a huge divide between the literate and illiterate, the man with the sedan and the man who works in the field in the scorching heat of noon. And this new so-called ‘financial reform’ we call Aadhaar, where you link everything to the government that you faithfully support is just a means of monitoring people. If you’re so obsessed with it, you might as well tattoo it on your forearm, arse and head like the number of the beast.

You lot are a bunch of cowards and scoundrels, praying in a temple, and then endorsing a violent theocracy. The state and religion exist in two separate realms, and I’d rather back the Indian National Congress even if it’s corrupt, than watch my brothers and sisters get tortured. And if you think I’m protesting too much, go back to your caviar, because that’s all you talk about, and go fuck yourself.

P.S. This isn’t a post against Hinduism. It’s a post against how the BJP (the ruling party) has drilled in idiots a sense of false religious pride and nationalism which makes them go to extremes.

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

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  1. Nitin
    Fire in the belly here is admirable and very timely.
    Pontius Pilate once said, ‘where there is great progress there is also great error’
    but the latest highlighted case of an 8-yr-old victim has outraged many and certainly outraged me,
    but India is a great nation and society will improve emotionally and socially

    1. I can only hope for India to progress both emotionally and socially John. The current state of affairs, especially in the North is terrible for the minorities. I guess I’m lucky I live in the South. And there is more error, and just a facade of progress, in my opinion. And thank you.

    1. Actually I’m glad you put up the link. Irony is often lost. Dystopia masquerading as utopia is where we’re headed, and I’m the disgruntled false protagonist before the savage comes in. I read the book years ago, but I think I still remember the names: Max and John if I’m not mistaken. Now they should ship me off to the Island lol.

    1. It’s tough, and I think I could only do it because I live in the South, in a state where the BJP doesn’t rule. And so, we have more tolerance and peace here. But the elections are coming up, and I can only hope. Thank you Tara.

    1. They definitely do. But I’m too passionate sometimes. I’m an emotional person, and you’re wonderful for understanding that. Thanks EC.

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