San Antonio Girl

Valentine’s Fall pours his heart out whenever he writes, and this piece moved me. It’s brilliant. Follow him.

Valentine's Fall


Babygirl we go way back to the hood and elementary school
You remember me when I was just a church boy trying to be cool
I remember when you and your homegirl were overlooked and flat chested
Before middle school when puberty hit and niggas started getting arrested
You disappeared for a couple of years and I forgot all about you
Then my homeboy started talking about how everything about you was new
I got your number somehow and we started catching up
I won’t lie I was just trying to use my last ounce of luck
To get you out of those tight ass close and on this D
I was still a virgin but you could’ve had all of me
But my game was weak and I ended up moving away
And besides, you were out of my league and too conceited anyway
We kept in touch and…

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