Something special somewhere lies
out of reach of –
everyone who longs to become someone,
frustrating, forcing –
addled brains to add more incoherence
and then take their rage out on poor
nobody who knew no one and lived

Everybody looks up to somebody
who gives his umpteenth theatrical swansong
saying, ‘Oh! I’m depressed and can’t do it anymore!’
Amidst the clicks, flashes, cheers and claps
while poor nobody genuinely sings his song
to an audience of none.

Everyone wants to go everywhere –
fucking on wild tropical beaches
to the rhythm of the tide,
climbing the alabaster peaks,
just for the boisterous boast,
trekking through jungles with tribes
for a mugshot of an emaciated man
who crushes the serpent’s head with his foot before
the now famous ‘poverty’ or ‘education’ status
update, written on the spot, because voilà!
There’s connectivity! While poor nobody
knows no place except the thought of somewhere.

Oh devious, deceitful generation –
with bloodshot eyes and zombie like fixation –
on tips, taps, clings, rings, permanent vibration –
clicks, flicks, swipes, types, a cyber self-salvation –
devoid of folklore and in dirt, stagnation –
glued to the screen, books not read, dead attention –
the red light after a post, the ovation –
you need – forever lost in fast transition –

Everybody wants to live someplace better than
everyone else, and anyone who says, ‘no,’ is
nobody who’s tragically crying, ‘Anyone!’
While someone looks and laughs, saying,
‘Ha! Loser! He’ll never amount to anyone!’
And everyone joins in the chorus because
something special somewhere lies
out of reach of –
anyone who wants to become someone.

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

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14 responses

  1. Everbody’s got
    those endless selfies
    hanging out
    of their empty pockets
    Everybody wants
    a box
    of celestial chocolates
    That’s how it goes …
    as Leonard Cohen knows.

  2. Basically, we’re all searching for that confirmation that we’re not alone in the world, that there are someone like us out there, but, we are, unique, in our own beings, and yet, we’re, included into the bigger whole too, that is why there’s this sense of constant struggle that we are all experiencing from day to day.

  3. Oh, my. I LOVE it. Disparity really bothers me, even though I, myself, live a much better lifestyle than most of the world.
    Your stanza with “on tips, taps, clings, rings” is fantastic! I intend to use it next time I write about this tech-addicted world.

    • Thank you so much Chelsea. And yes, you can use it, as long as it says, tips, taps, clings, rings… – obscure, balding paunched poet with nicotine stained teeth, Nitin Lalit Murali.

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