I’d like to know

I’d like to know the darkest secrets you’ve been keeping –
those places which mask the root, the deep core of feeling –
I’d like to know the bridges that keep you from falling –
those haunted rooms preventing you from fully seeing –
this broken love I have for you that’ll bring us healing –

Now, you and I, both know that
what looks like a simple apartment is actually a Gothic
Cathedral with its arcades, towers, gargoyles, buttresses
and pinnacle, complex within, but giving them a naïve
demeanour, making them take advantage of it,
but know darling, it’s hurt like a bruised wall,
broken and battered, that’s keeping us from
letting them see us for us, that’s making them place
themselves behind lecterns of stigma and stereotypes,
in designer wear,
so carefully and cautiously, spewing acidic syllables
that only look like placid blue lettering.
And so –

I’d like to hold you through the crescent; full moon, seeing –
you for (you) and I in (you) through the fierce gale, knowing –
that love sees past the rust and leak, the cracks, creeks, holding –
you and I, though life ebbs, in secrets we’ll stay keeping –

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

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    • Thank you so much Diana. That’s a beautiful comment. When I first started writing poetry, I mostly wrote romantic poetry. Now I’ve expanded my horizons, but you’ll still find my short love poems and sonnets along with bearded pictures of myself on Instagram!

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