Beneath what’s said or seen


I looked for love and all I received was an emotional loneliness –
a room with spotless marble tiles, a warm, quilted blue bed,
closets filled to the brim with books new and old like a
Leprechaun’s pot of knowledge, the syllables the gold,
and a window which overlooks a small garden filled
with multicoloured hyacinths like cakes with layers
of frosting, but paradoxically one where the cold draft
seeps through bones and rattles me awake, and sleepless,
distraught, disturbed, dysfunctional nights give me no

It’s funny how everything possesses a façade of beauty,
a dying modicum of hope and eventually fades to a
simulacrum of truth.

I know the answers and yet don’t receive them.
I know what change is and yet stay ever the same.

People say love’s some myriad things, making it complicated,
complex, confusing when it’s simple deep, beautiful emotion
that drives the noblest action. It’s like driving on a deserted highway
and looking at fields of gold; nature’s song infusing a deep-seated
elegance in you, making you forget and smile, and that simple
simile will suffice.

I know the truth and yet can’t achieve it.
I know what faith is and yet stay insatiable.
And maybe it’s not knowing you like I once did,
or maybe it’s deeper.


I walk on rough cobbled streets, weathered, worn and wizened. The opaque grey reflecting no sunlight and there’s no glint in these bloodshot eyes. I’m jaded and though I walk past rows of cracked beige houses with porches riddled with dying honeysuckles, the flowers the color of curdling milk, I’m not possessed by wanderlust. I’m just lost in the echoes of a furious, ‘Why?’ Life’s short, but seconds paradoxically turn into hours or even days when your heart’s broken. I love ferociously, losing myself in the process and I guess that’s why I’m an unsolved, uncared for jigsaw puzzle now. You tore my heart in two, and made me crawl into my already broken shell, hoping Fate won’t crush me with his hobnailed boots. And now your indifference creates this bereaved cacophony – the jar, the scratch, the voices and the judgement forming this atonal crack and thud, and I’m unable to find balance or closure. I say I don’t love you anymore, but that statement’s both true and untrue, both red and blue if emotion is metaphor. I don’t want you back, but I can’t live without you, and that’s the sliver of despair that grows and subsides, that inflates and deflates, that causes outbursts and silent sobs.

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

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6 responses

    • Thank you for reading Tara. And I’m glad you resonated with it. My mind’s been a little unsettled for the past few days, and so, I’m always thankful for your support, and it’s always good to hear from you.

      • You and me both, my friend. I’m in a dark place as well, I fear. I’m fighting to hold my head up, fighting this time. We’ll fight it together, okay? Back to back.

      • Yeah. You know Tara, the thing I’m most scared of is myself. I have no fucking peace and yes, I’m on psychiatric medication and yada yada, but I frighten me. Some of my thoughts frighten me. My deep-seated rage terrifies me. Thank you for your kind words. It helps to know that I’m not alone. I’ll gladly fight with you, back to back.

      • Yes! I just had a rage-fit myself yesterday. It was horrifying. I’m a miserable wretch and I’m ashamed at my weakness. The darkness overshadows and at times overwhelms but I keep clinging to the Light of Truth and Love. It’s all I have. It’s all any of us have.

      • Very true my friend. I’m ashamed of my weakness myself but yeah there has to be hope. It may seem out of reach but it’s there.

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