Things come undone

I loved you enough to let you go,
and you’ll never know that I both
loved and lost, that I strolled idyllic
fields of gold, hand in hand with you,
imagination fueling hope like the
second wind a pugilist receives,
when he gives it all and still
lies as the referee counts to eight,
only to get up again, wobbly but
suddenly rejuvenated, renewed in
heart and spirit because he has
nothing to lose, that I wept alone
for being so cowardly and unable to
tell you how I truly felt when you
had it in you to reciprocate,
before we walked fucked up paths
separately, me seeking the ephemeral
fake glowing soul that pill popping
gives, and you losing
people you loved, and looking on,
with dry tears and a liquid nitrogen
heart. I guess fate never made us truly
seek each other then, and it’s too late now.

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

Protected by Copyscape

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