[Poem] General Sequoia’s Green Supremacy Club Band

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Whispers of the Universe

General sequoia: I’m a green supremacist, coz why the heck not…

There’s white, black, yellow and brown already

Talking shit about history. Yeah, I’m a bigot

We’re vita superior: Sequoias, teaks, rosewood mahogany

The disenfranchised masses nobody talks about

No vote! Not a human ear hears or even cares when we shout

We were standing tall when you little shits were learning how to breathe

Singing songs your ears still can’t hear, telling tales that you’ll never read

Without us you’d suffocate, asphyxiate… We’d annihilate

Turn your bodies into silicate.

(Lay down the beat Mr. ELM)

Elm: You puny beings can’t hear my beat

Even if you weren’t all in perpetual heat

From the E to the M, that’s E L M

I’ve got the best rhythm in the whole green realm

Sssssllllloooooowwwwing it down until time stands still

I’m so gangsta that I always pays the bill

(Take it…

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