Beyond the pain

The fields lie painted with soft Autumn’s shade
The sky is ashen, waving its escape
The leaves sigh – a soft portal simply made
For you and me, beyond the painful rake
Of Fate’s oracular rough, bad dice throw
So, let’s find in each other, simply make
Some beauty, comfort; draw it from below
This union of black pain – this dark lake
Of brokenness that only acts like it
Binds, forges and refines for moment’s sake.
Let us face Truth, and simply see it fit
To go past the sick, finally awake
To silver linings and lush leaves of song
And darling, there, then, we will not go wrong.

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

Protected by Copyscape

11 responses

  1. Dear Nitin, this is perhaps one of the most beautiful things I’ve read in forever. If there’s room for one more, please forward the map along with directions on how to get there, I’d like to know “silver linings and lush leaves of song” too. ~ Mia

    • Haha. I think it’s right where you are in your life right now, despite all the hardships and trials. Move forward and fight despite the flaws, sorrows and imperfections my friend. That’s what I try to do. Thank you so much for such a beautiful comment.

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