Sonnet Erotica

So, let’s forget our worries darling and
I guess we can smoke blunts while we just hear
a Hendrix cover by The Cure; so, hand
me glasses of rum and let’s drift so near
to a nirvana – Purple Haze, while we
kiss skies, and then cast your spell; weave your web
entrancing, capturing, enchanting me.
No, don’t let this emotion drift or ebb
because I want another rhythm next,
a slow kiss down your spine in Autumn’s dance,
a heated passionate unspoken text
that’s written while you’re in a luring trance,
that I pen down your neck while you bend, arch
your back lost to elation – ardor’s march.

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

Protected by Copyscape

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  1. Here’s to blunts and rum!

    Hey Joe,
    Voodoo child, I caught your gypsy eyes
    In crosstown traffic, can you see me?
    Hey Baby,
    Have you even been to Electric Ladyland?
    Angel, you got me floatin
    Let’s not wait until tomorrow
    Let’s go right on straight ahead
    Let’s drift our way to Nirvana
    Before we have a ball and chain for sale!

    Thanks for the Hendrix prompt,
    some good listening. ~ Mia

    1. Haha. I enjoyed that. I tried smoking a cheap cigar the other day btw. It started coming undone and I didn’t know what to do lol. I cut it like other cigars but I think I was wrong. And yes that was a good music music exchange


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