Androids and Electric Sleep (Part 4.5)

Dear Isaac,

I still find it difficult to forgive you for making your father send his servant Eliezer to arrange a marriage between us. That’s just sick. You lusted after me and traced me after a few chats while we played Fortnight online, and that’s creeper material right there. My brother Laban tortured me after that, and I finally ran away and found the androids. I decided to become a pretty little misfit and have my veins and arteries removed and replaced my wires and blue blood. I’m now officially an android.

I should let you suffer, but in some sense, you helped liberate me and find my tribe. And I know that deep down you’re a misunderstood kid yourself. A spoiled, rich kid but misunderstood. I can only imagine what dreaming in 3D is like. Hell, I smoke a blunt now and then, but it’s a feel-good trip. You, however, both have cherubic visions and nightmarish ones of Hades. So, deep down you’re suffering, and I can’t leave you there.

So, I’ve gathered the misfits, and we’re coming to the mountains because there’s a preacher who wants you and your father dead. We’re going to save you Isaac and help rehabilitate you, and I think nature isn’t going to save you as much as being one of us is.

When you read this, I want to you know that although you’re a twisted creep, I would betray myself if I didn’t save you and show you that it’s okay to be good, wild crazy. So, we’re coming for you Isaac, and we’ll fight the preacher by short-circuiting his dogmatic madness. We’ll blow apart his uni-dimensional bigotry and plant a flag of Androids and Anarchism.


P.S. This doesn’t mean that I love you. It just means that I care. So, please don’t get the wrong idea again.

Part 1

Part 2

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Part 4 

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

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    1. All very true David. Even more so, today. Thank you for that insightful comment. But I am thinking of Isaac’s transformation. Time will tell how that works out.

      1. Yes, time wounds all heels,
        and vica versa.
        Just one hypodermic question;
        If Abraham had a daughter
        who would want to
        marry Isaac’s sister?
        There would be high expectation
        of much fertile breeding!

        1. The Bible is full of that David. And you’ll find that preached vehemently in Reformed pulpits even today. I personally don’t agree. I think women often make better writers and teachers than men do. I also believe that we’re not here to necessarily procreate which is why is I find no shades of grey in Christianity and that eventually made me distance myself completely from the Church. Having said that, people refuse to admit that there is radical branch of feminism desiring to do things like reinventing language so that men have no access to it whatsoever. I think that’s too extreme. I believe in equality and the middle ground. That’s the safest, surest place to be.

  1. A balance in all things, yes.
    There is divine balance
    in scripture, as a whole.
    Extremists like to take
    one piece out of context, linguistically misinterpreted,
    and plant a religious flag on it.
    Institutions of rusty pipes
    and chains,
    in need of a wrecking ball,
    take their toll
    out of your mortal soul.
    Words … give birth to change.
    Keep writing Nitin,
    The Spirit has some spare change
    for the straight
    and the strange.

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