Androids and Electric Sleep (Part 5)

Now, some of you might know me as the fugitive on television. Haha. I’m the Binky the Clown. Haha. The circus forced me into a side business, and it all went smoothly. Haha. Most of my clients just wanted to talk. Haha. Yes, there was the occasional party nose-job or a small smack with a whip, when I wore the pink thong the gentlemen adored. Haha. The pink thong was a symbol of peace, and I started enjoying wearing it. Haha. And then he came. Haha. He wasn’t like the others. Haha. He didn’t wear spectacles or have a mustache. Haha. He was of Arab descent and muscled and oily. Haha. He slapped me a couple of times. Haha. I said, ‘Stop! Haha! You’re hurting me!’ But he then tore my pink thong and gave me a rough buggering until I bled. Haha. ‘Please! Stop! Haha! It hurts!’ I screamed, but he then smashed a bottle of wine on my head. Haha. And, as I crawled away, he kicked me with the force of donkey. Haha. ‘I’m Ishmael. Do you know what CBT feels like? Do you know how infuriating it is, you little ding-donged bastard!’ He screamed. Haha. ‘I need a release now and then. So, this isn’t personal, you purple haired freak.’ Haha. He kicked me some more and left. Haha. The experience changed me. Haha. I returned a week later and shot the boss, Jinky, and Dinky. Haha. I know Ishmael’s Abraham’s son, and I found out that Abraham’s taking his son Isaac to the mountains. Haha. He decided to leave all technology behind. Haha. And that’s a mistake he should have never made. Haha. I spree killed Eliezer and Sarah and his other servants. Haha. I took what I needed. Haha. And I’m going to the mountains to kill Abraham, Isaac and then using my connections with the Mafia of Clowns, I plan to find Ishmael and settle things. Haha. Yeah, I know. Haha. Shit just got real. Haha.

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Part 4.5

To read the Binky the Clown prequel click here

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

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