Androids and Electric Sleep (Part 6)

My fellow androids, misfits, freaks, and loners. The time has come for us to journey to the mountains. The Pentecostal Preacher murdered Eliezar and Sarah last night, and Abraham isn’t even aware. But our sources and telepathy tell us that there was a clown lurking around the house. Now, we all know about that murderous fugitive Binky, but I don’t see the connection. Rebekah is distraught because she hates violence and she knows that the death of Isaac’s mother will only affect him more. So, we travel tomorrow. A Kierkegaardian fatalist who knows Abraham has decided to join us. He says that he’s torn between being a human and an android. I hope this mission shows him that we Androids are cigarette smoking, electrical farting, passionate lovemaking, violently pacifistic peacemakers. Now, we do not seek to harm the Pentecostal Preacher, but only convince him that the universe is energy and not Jehovah’s doctrine. We want him to see the epicurean pleasures of Solomon’s balls and orgy halls, of sensuality and naughty, slightly haughty hotties, of philosophical sensate sex and psychedelic gentle pounding like subdued T-Rexes, of absolute blue blood and ephemeral pseudo-intellectual mud. We want to reason with him, persuade him and if possible make him one of us. So, we leave now. For Androids and Anarchy, my brothers and sisters. For Androids and Anarchy.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 

Part 4.5

Part 5

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

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