Because I love you

I left this neo-cosmopolitan city of both old districts of open sewers, the sound of carpentry – nails driven into furniture – and the poor struggling to get by, squatting in cordoned off land reserved for 27 storied apartment complexes with clubhouses with saunas and squash courts and people smoking imported Pall Malls in the parking lots of super malls where they frequent their ‘favorite’ pub for a perfect status photograph.

I walked away from the dichotomy between a woman pushing her father in a wheelchair begging and nefarious, moneyed college students with political affiliations smashing the glass doors of five-star hotels and then getting the press to shut up.

I left because I met you.
I left because I love you.
I left this country because I deeply, devoutly care for you.

I remember what I once deemed a pipe-dream becoming an actuality when I saw you face to face for the first time when I got off the airplane and walked into the first world. You were smiling, holding that quirky sign. You always had this idiosyncratic, oddball sense of humor.

Years have passed, pain we’ve seen
Hope we’ve found, strength has been
A factor that still interprets us
No day is a chore, a hurtful fuss

Because I met, love and deeply, devoutly care for you.
Because I would religiously, rigidly, rightly sacrifice rending will for you.
Because you’re worth value irredeemable with a heart not innately insouciant

Unlike every other selfish sojourner trampling on living bodies to get to the heart of the temple – a stampede, a maddening rush.
Unlike every road rage filled maniac clipping bikes and smashing into the little cars with a vengeful truck.

I left because I met you.
I left because I love you.
I left my country because I deeply, devoutly care for you.

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

21 responses

      • I am a Wandering Armadillo after all, slowly coming and going and in two minds about everything.
        Except your writing, which I’ve always personally deemed to be superb!

      • Haha. I love the allusion. My writing keeps changing. I like to shake things up now and then. It’s not perfect (but then again what is) but thank you so much! I really appreciate your support.

      • I’m so pleased to still see how productive you are. Writing clearly is a part of your life for the long term. How marvellous 😊

      • I try my best to stay productive and write. Yes, I’ve accepted that it’s part of my life for the long term. I wasn’t very comfortable writing when I came back to WP but it’s skin now. Do stop by from time to time. It’s wonderful seeing you here!

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