You know who you are

You’ve taught me much in little time with grace –
On holding onto my virtue and probity
You’ve looked at me with honest eye and face
You’ve helped peer into the depths of decency

You’re helping reconstruct this broken inn
And as piece succeeds piece, brick, brick, I know, I know
That life’s heart doesn’t revolve around lose or win
The window’s now in place and nothing to show

Except a slender fireplace of contentment,
A table of endurance – your kind warmth;
I’ve spent so many years in red resentment
But looking yonder now – to the blue north

I hope to rest in your light arms anew
Because these days ache with my love for you.

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

13 responses

  1. Nitin, this is truly inspiring.

    Hope springs eternal
    Underworld underwhelmed
    in yesterday’s infernal.

    “I’m a dweller on the threshold
    And I’m waiting at the door
    And I’m standing in the darkness
    I don’t want to wait no more
    I have seen without perceiving
    I have been another man
    Let me pierce the realm of glamor
    So I know just what I am
    Feel the angel of the present
    In the mighty crystal fire
    Lift me up consume my darkness
    Let me travel even higher”
    ~ Van Morrison

    • Thank you so much David. I enjoyed the Van Morrison lyric. Your ability to leave a deep and often times humorous comment in which you connect things is a gift and a pleasure to read.

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