In shades of black and white

I walked beneath a Maple tree arch
and knew appeal and something crimson:
the Painter’s flourish still surviving
despite the architect’s fierce madness
returning I saw trees hacked: corpses
and gave up hoping for love and peace

They stood with candles wanting some peace
below a gaudy, dazzling false arch
and now we see the terror; corpses
the earth weeps since it’s not Fall’s crimson
it’s finitude’s severe sheer madness
until no life is left surviving

I thought she loved me: we’re surviving
thought life will give us solace and peace
we just tore everything in madness
we now live under a subdued arch
love is soft, never something crimson
these rings we wear now look like corpses

My friends are now remote, just corpses
I thought we’ll walk this path, surviving
these tests and pains that just seem crimson
perhaps I trusted in devout peace:
felt we’ll all race beneath a strong arch
those cotton candy dreams are madness

I trusted my will till the madness
attacked it, left poetic corpses
I stood beneath a perilous arch
and only thought I was surviving
until it dawned without intense peace
the sky had turned a wintry crimson

My fate is sealed and only crimson
I try but cannot fight this madness
a mind cast down by war and not peace
thoughts in the mud: they look like corpses
I’m tired of fighting and surviving
I only stood beneath a lost arch

I walked beneath a Maple tree arch
the painter’s flourish still surviving
returning I saw trees hacked: corpses

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

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