Drop D Shakespeare

I hate this flannel and this mangled jean
this crowd, distortion, my impassive face
they’re so exuberant and bloody keen
they’re just here for the silly, throbbing bass
I never wanted note or heroin
I think I’ll smash this mike stand. So much hate!
I won’t complete this song; I need some gin!
You often get what you despise, that’s fate!
I’m playing, and I cannot quit at all!
I can and will. I’ll say I’m done. Last show!
The drug is kicking in; I think I’ll fall!
I’ll finish, travel to some lake and row.
I secretly said yes to all this fame.
Ideas never die. Erase my name!

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2018)

For dVerse 

27 responses

    • We all do, don’t we? And there are those times when we get what’s seemingly beautiful only to finally end up gnawing at its ugly core. Thank you Frank

  1. A ballad of a sad rocker, drugged out, burned out, turned off–at the point where even the music is not enough to sustain joy. Ironic, is it not, that when fantasies are realized, the reality twists up like moldy bread, and our soul weeps for our plight

    • One must be careful when one asks for the desires of his heart because he might just get it. I think I’m stealing from Timothy Keller. Not sure though. But you’re right – Does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul – Jesus of Nazareth

  2. Gritty. My brothers are musicians and I recognize the downside of late nights (used to be smoky venues). Seems no matter which path we choose there is a danger of being trapped – says a longing-to-be free spirit.

    • Haha. Being trapped is why movements like nihilism, Dadaism, absurdism and grunge (which is the musical equivalent of modernism) came into being. Everyone needs an outlet for all that angst, but we never really get total catharsis, do we?

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