I’m taking a long, extended break from WP. I’m traveling soon and won’t be back for a long time. I find blogging excruciating and have watched my friends become foes, my mind deteriorating into a paranoid mess and my blood sugar levels rise to 350, and my cholesterol levels to 500. I also find this platform filled with hate and find that I can’t express myself properly here. I like to write about love, death, despair, anger and loneliness, but I find a few people countering my poems, and then a feud starts and I find myself not writing what I want to. Writing is a dirty business and I need time away from it. I’m so very jaded. Thank you for all the support.

P.S. If you hate me, throw your best shot. I’m already dead.

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    • I’ve realized that I need to ignore the bad and cherish the good. Thank you so much for your support and yes, I’m still traveling while I write this.

      • Yay!!!! Welcome back, my dear friend. I look forward to reading your posts again. If I may, please, do not leave all those haters to interfere with your work. You are extremely talented. Your writings are great. Keep going, Nitin!

      • Thank you G. I have to catch up on your work too. I think I’ll sit and do a lot of reading on WP today. And you’re right. F*** the haters!

  1. What is it, Nitin. I am feeling burned out too. Some men had problem with me on the blog so I stopped following them. Just ignore such people but don’t stop what you like doing best.

  2. Nitin, I’m truly saddened that you are in a rough place and that you have felt hatred and ugliness on WP. I think that your writing is very good, unique. The topics you tackle are the very ones that I also write about. Your health must be your first concern. Don’t stop writing as you have a gift. I wish you all the best friend

    • Thank you so much for your kind words my friend. I’ve decided to post a few pieces while I’m away on vacation. And ignore the ugliness and hate here. Thank you again.

  3. WP is so tiny Nitin, but your talent and your voice are so immense and bold and vital. I get needing to step away from writing for a bit; I am in a similar space, but when you are ready to return to the writing, you will be as powerful as ever. I will always be a huge supporter of what you write, so boldly and bravely and without apology. I wish you all the best!

  4. Hope to see you back, I really do! Get healthy and know that the things you write about are vital. I will keep the lights on for you, hope to see more later. Please live.

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