This is an image of the blue sky and the clouds. The picture is more complex than my depiction of it and I've chosen it because it depicts depth and intricacy to me. My piece is an intricate portrayal of a relationship.

Nathaniel was a man of quirks and eccentricities. He was a self-absorbed artist who spent his time brooding. He was once an idealist, but years of looking at Fate’s rugged, unwashed face threw him in a pit of nihilism. Nathaniel loved June but found it hard to express himself and make her feel loved and respected. He’d brush off her attempts at conversation with a nonchalant ‘hmm,’ or a ‘uh huh.’ He’d spend hours losing himself to his art though he’d given up on his dreams of getting published. He’d realized some time ago that the road he walked on was potholed, broken and covered with layers of dust and ash like a waltzing grey swirl caressing each contour of the landscape. But that didn’t keep him from writing and writing, chasing the will-o’-the-wisp, and revolving on that carousel of delusion.

His was a peculiar case. A case in which he had complete insight into his distance from reality, but made no effort to bridge the gap. A paperweight of unhealthy defense mechanisms had him trapped, and the swirling mass within the paperweight was slowly psychically and emotionally asphyxiating him, but he made no effort to pry himself free and find his own.

Now, there’s nothing in this world more fascinating than an intelligent fool, and by that definition, Nathaniel was the most captivating man in the world. He’d make the same mistakes and then find himself ensconced in a cocoon of guilt where he’d writhe in agony before purging himself of the unhealthy emotion and undergoing a painful metamorphosis of sorts. But unlike the Butterfly that dazzles us while it’s with us with its jubilance and effervescence, Nathaniel would regress again once he stumbled upon the same obstacles. But the truly fascinating aspect of all this was that Nathaniel knew his way around these obstacles, but was helpless in translating his ideas into action.

Nathaniel’s love for June bordered on worship. He believed that they were twin souls and that the loss of one will lead to the death of the other. But there were times when he despised her. He hated her when she didn’t conform to his vision of perfection and loathed himself more for hating her. If colors depicted emotion, then Nathaniel’s affection for June took the form of every hue. He sometimes burned red with passion, felt the green stab of jealousy, retreated to a blue ocean of calm when she was warm, nestled himself in pastures bold and green when he dreamed of brighter futures of togetherness, and thought in black while tears coated his cheeks when he dreamed of the harrowing reality they’d eventually face.

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2019)

16 Replies to “Nathaniel and June (Part 1)”

    1. Thank you so much G! That comment made my morning. Some ‘friend’ on FB is trying to discourage me from writing. So, I was mad until I re-read this 🙂

      1. Forget about anyone who tries to discourage you. You have no idea with how many nasty comments I deal. Who cares?
        You got to keep going. You are so talented. Here is a happy face

      2. Yeah that’s a terrific attitude to maintain G. I’ve had my share of naysayers too. I don’t think they compare to the amount of hate you get – judging by your description – but some things said still sting me. But like you said, it’s part of being a writer. So thank you. I’m happy now 😊

      3. Thank you so much my friend. Yeah I’m tougher these days. A few years ago I would have crumbled completely.

    1. Thank you for such a kind comment Vanessa. There are many people here who don’t believe in my writing and think I’m wasting my life. It used to affect me, but I’ve moved on.

    1. Thank you so much Basilike. I’m really glad you liked it. I always enjoy your comments. There will be more. I plan on making this a short story. But I’m unable to continue right now because of a block of sorts.

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