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  1. I couldn’t comment over there so I will leave it here:
    Wow. Nitin. Absolutely incredible work. The flowing imagery, the love and lust and desire. The emotions are intense and varied. I love this. Truly beautiful.

  2. Done. Here’s a cheesy cyber smile but I actually mean it 😁
    (Will you not have the comment section enabled on each post? Also, I always go to the About pages because I find that fascinating…your last piece could make a great About page maybe? But that is just my opinion of course.)
    Ugh, lately I have been missing the mountains so much. I really hope you can get there some time?!
    (Hmmm I have read the prediction of Modi winning in the election, announced on the 23rd?)

    1. Thank you so much for all the support Vanessa :) It truly means a lot to me. I will enable the comment section on each post and add an about page. I might take your advise and make my last post the about page. I hope I can get some time in the mountains! Today is the big day. I hope secularism wins here. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. All polls say that Modi will win again, but perhaps there’s hope for a tolerant India.

      1. Yeah it’s a tragedy. Yesterday was a terrible day. I had panic attacks, episodes of paranoia and a horrible episode of depression. And the political situation just furthered it all. Some of us had hope, but that hope died yesterday.

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