This is a picture of computer code. The image embodies the cyber, fake, artificial world we live in.

Instagram promotions that cater to the narcissist,
that feed him delicacy after delicacy of his choice
that he consumes with a voracious, insatiable appetite
like a murderous owl that preys on a rabbit,
Facebook status messages that promote a fabricated self,
craving for validation from other artificial cyber-realities,
and when someone wakes up now and then and realizes
that we’re living in a matrix, nobody listens, because
they’re content as long as superficiality fuels their egos
like diesel makes a locomotive run
and that’s what we’ve become, cars of different shapes
and sizes, the coat of paint reflecting our stature, our
‘substance’ and our standing,
Twitter filled with little birds tweeting out death threats
or supposedly intelligent remarks about politics,
religion, caste, creed and what not,
Youtubers making a living out of identifying gold-diggers
on the street, or creating ‘Social Experiments,’ in which they
feed a homeless man for a day, give him a couple hundred
bucks, make him cry and then say, “Off you go, son!”
People creating online petitions for the most insane things
like changing the ending of a TV show that a million others
Netflix preaching to us from the cyber pulpit, telling us how
to lead our lives, making the bogus virtual world
seep into our lives,
and we being the sheeple we are, listen,
because size matters,
a strong independent woman friend-zones a nice guy and has a
gay best friend,
an Alpha male gets away with trampling over
the Betas and the Gammas,
memes are the new adages,
perfect pictures of party girls drinking vodka at some
fashionable pub that they get into only because they have
a Ladies night is more eye pleasing than anything Van Gogh
painted, and don’t get us started on Jackson Pollock!
Love and lust are synonyms,
bullying, stereotyping, and gossiping is justified behavior,
and many more things.

How I wish for a place in the mountains where the air is crisp!
How I wish for a simple job, that satisfies me, and nature to invigorate me!
How I wish for solitude, and books alone, to keep me company!

But here I am, torn between preaching to the choir, and suffering from
the loneliness that a city brings,
here I am in a country snaking its way into Fascism like fish into a
mouth of a whale,
here I am, surrounded by crones, witches, stalkers, haters, ’empaths,’
and monsters,
here I am, consumed by myself, thrown into the very artificial world I detest,
unable to break free.

© Nitin Lalit Murali (2019)

14 Replies to “Being a millennial”

  1. If I had wings and talons, I would fly and lift you away and carry here to the solitude and quiet of my home state. I do believe you might even find peace here.

    But since I don’t, I will say, I love your writing, Nitin. And this one, yeah, I totally feel it brother.

  2. “How I wish for a place in the mountains where the air is crisp!
    How I wish for a simple job, that satisfies me, and nature to invigorate me!
    How I wish for solitude, and books alone, to keep me company!”
    Yes. I know!

      1. Actually, I don’t live in an industrial area. I’m minutes away from the sea and a little further to the mountains. The air is clean here…but a satisfying job, or the option to give up the unsatisfying one so I could concentrate on art, that’d be great.

      2. Tell me about it. I’m afraid I’ll have to comprise on my art soon and get a job or at least study. Being an artist in this day and age is extremely difficult. I wish I could sell a few books and foot the bills.

    1. Agreed. They’re thrown in the rat race at the age of four or three if you raise them in the cities. Thank you for your comment.

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